Brainlab Social Program A well-connected collaboration with our partners

Brainlab Social Program A well-connected collaboration with our partners

The Brainlab Social Program works closely with partners, doctors and organizations to open up new opportunities for qualifying hospitals to sustainably improve the care they provide.

Our support strategy


The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) supports in finding suitable hospitals and public facilities in developing countries. They are carefully screened and selected on the basis of various criteria, such as per capita income, reliable energy supply, sufficiently trained medical professionals, distribution of wealth, political stability and security of the country.


We provide qualifying hospitals and public institutions with medical technology and training. This promotes access to treatment and consistency of care. With efficient methods such as intensive training in O.R. procedure basics, access to the Brainlab Online Campus and – in the future – other multimedia digital teaching tools, we offer sustainable help for physicians and medical professionals onsite.


Brainlab is one of the world’s leading innovators in medical technology and are proud to share our network and expertise. This is a key contribution towards the goal of making the most effective technical achievements accessible in developing countries. We donate products such as Kick Spinal or Kick Cranial, including planning software, instruments, and disposables, under the condition that patients get free access to treatment.

How Brainlab employees help


There are many ways Brainlab employees contribute to the Brainlab Social Program. For example, they can donate a part of their vacation or use their free time for product implementation and training. Application consultants also receive subsidization for participating in installation projects.


In January 2023, 50 Brainlab colleagues kicked off the year at full speed while taking part in four high-intensity spin classes. All proceeds from these sessions were then generously donated to Right.Brain to create opportunities for better healthcare around the world.

Positive Motivation

A great collective effort but also incredible personal records were achieved during the 90-Day Life Challenge. Colleagues in Asia Pacific enthusiastically took part in this Right.Brain fundraiser and tackled individual challenges like losing weight, learning to swim, quitting smoking and more.
Find out how you can get involved with our partner the Right.Brain Fountation e.V. and advocate for better healthcare worldwide. Learn more about the Right.Brain Foundation e.V.